Friday, May 8, 2009

Deer Netting and the Dove

A poor dove got caught in the deer netting that I had over my lettuce. She struggled so much that she pulled feathers out. I wasn't around to see this happening. I found the dove and the netting in the middle of the lawn with feathers strewn all around. I wondered if a hawk or some other animal had seen her distress and pulled her and the netting off the lettuce. In any event, all that was left were feathers all over the ground and a partly denuded dove. I wish I could have saved the dove.

I've seen birds escape the netting before, and I've rescued chipmunks from the deer netting in the past. One time I did see a hawk descend on a chipmunk who was trapped. The hawk killed the chipmunk but couldn't get at it well enough through the netting. When the hawk saw me watching, he flew away.

Nature and people at work...

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